My Thyme!

It’s My Thyme! is a small organic farm located in Marysville, OH. My focus is culinary herbs and perennials to promote healthy and flavorful cooking. Some things you will see at market are culinary herb and perennial plants, custom herb baskets or containers, gourmet herb jellies, and hypertufa planters. I also give Cooking With Fresh Herbs demonstrations in my home or at your organization.

Hirsch Fruit Farm

As a fourth generation farm, we continually look to the future and how we can continue the legacy of sustainability, so that our children and grandchildren will have an opportunity to farm this same land. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems on all of our tree and small fruit. And grow our vegetables-most of them in covered structures to minimize disease and insect pressure.

Blue Jacket Dairy 

Blue Jacket Dairy is a family owned and fully licensed creamery on the forefront of the revival of cheesemaking in Ohio. We use small scale equipment and pay close attention to detail to transform wholesome milk into great tasting cheese. Our milk is free of rsbt and the animals have access to pasture and fresh water. Their diet is supplemented with hay and grain based on weather conditions.

Wayward Seed Farm

Wayward Seed Farm is a certified organic farm with a passion for providing fresh heritage and heirloom vegetables to the people of Central Ohio. In addition to serving restaurants and farmers' markets, we have a CSA program, which is now the anchor of our farming operation.

Jam-Tastic Homemade Jams

Food tastes best when it is “close to the source.” With that in mind, Jam-Tastic Jams are hand-produced in small batches. Minimal processing preserves the essence of the fruits and brings out their vibrant flavors. Since jams are basically fruit and sugar, Jam-Tastic Jams are known as “Sweet Sunshine in a Jar.”

Britt's Sweet Shop

We have sweet treats for every occasion! We pride ourselves in creating custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more to complete any occasion! Our products are homemade fresh to order for your special event!

Oink Moo Cluck Farms

We raise our animals on our small 100 acre family farm in a healthy and open environment while allowing them each to reach their natural maturity on a diet of natural grains and grasses without the aide of hormones and antibiotics. We complete our own processing to ensure the most human treatment of our animals and to maintain complete control of our quality and safety of the final product.

VanScoy Farms

We are a first generation family farm. We naturally grow all of our own hydroponic produce. We use "good bugs" like preying mantis, to control the "bad bugs". We pollinate with bumble bees. Our crops are fed the proper nutrients to provide a high quality taste. In addition to farmers' markets, we have a 30 week CSA subscription available.

SaraBee Pure Honey

Sarabee is a small honey farm about 20 hives located in Circleville, Ohio. Our hives are 100% chemical free, and our bottled pure honey comes straight from the hives. Some other products we carry are bee pollen, honey-filled straws, and honey-filled candy.

Dan the Baker

Dan the Baker is an artisan bakery specializing in handmade wild-yeasted breads and pastries using local and organic ingredients.

Moffitt Maple Farm

Moffitt Maple Farm is located near West Liberty, Ohio, and has been producing maple syrup since 1949. While having modernized some of our equipment, we are steeped in tradition and recognize the value of hard work mixed with family and fun.

Rhoads Farms

We have been producing fruits and vegetables for 52 years in Circleville, Ohio. We use IPM and are "GAP" certified on 110 acres. Quality, freshness and food safety are necessary on every crop we bring to market.

Speckled Hen Farm

We raise chickens and eggs. We make a variety of handmade chicken sausages, free from fillers and preservatives. Speckled Hen Farm is a family run business in partnership with Leir king. We raise our chickens naturally using locally grown grain which we grind ourselves. We do not feed any antibiotics, steroids or hormones.

Gemini Creamery

Gemini Creamery offers the richness, complexity and intense flavor of top quality ice cream and gelato in a frozen dessert free of dairy, gluten and peanuts. We are a small-batch producer located in Columbus. We love food and believe that everyone deserves a superior frozen dessert. It only takes one taste to believe.


Gluten Free You and Me

Gluten Free You and Me is located at a dedicated gluten free facility in the Dublin/Columbus, Ohio area. We produce gluten free bread and bakery products, including pizza crust, cookies, cakes, and brownies.

GoldenLife Dog Food

We know homemade feels right, but who has the time? Let us do that work, and your dog can give you all the credit! GoldenLife Dog Food provides handcrafted meals, made with love, for your canine companion. All meals are made with grocery and farm-fresh foods and are designed to fit the nutritional needs of your four-legged family.

LyLy's Bakery

Lyly's Bakery focuses on local, natural and organic ingrediants so you will never find anything artifical.. Ever! A local bakery specilizing in 'artisan iced' cut-out cookies- All made by hand

It's All Good Garden & Pantry

We are an "urban" farm located right here in Dublin. Our goal is to practice sustainable gardening, including crop rotation, vertical growing, and hydroponics. We prescribe to an "edible landscape" philosophy in an urban setting.

Pies by The Pie Man

I have been baking pies for over 45 years and enjoy serving the best pie locally!

Kingdom Fish

We believe families should enjoy the best tasting and most healthy fish possible. We don’t use growth or sex hormones, nor do we use antibiotics. We are simple people and we think raising fish should be simple. For a healthy body, peace of mind, and a naturally great taste.

The Brown and Blond Bakery

I develop, package, and sell grain free/gluten free baking mixes. Currently, I have a dark chocolate brownie mix and a blondie mix. I am also working on bread and pizza dough mixes.

Oh Lather Soap Works

Oh Lather Soap Works produces all vegetable oil, hand-crafted soap. Some bars contain herbs grown on our property in Columbus.

The Bakery at ResTORAHtion Farm

Our bakery is a licensed home bakery that is owned and operated by our family, Terry, Carol, and Jocelin. The focus is returning to the beginning of how they used to make bread and other baked goods with loving care, attention to detail, commitment to quality, and plain old-fashion goodness.